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Conflicted Identity

A Taste of Poison

Conflicted Identity, is a gripping thriller that captivates its audience, plunging them into a world rampant with numerous social issues, a mystery, and intense action that makes for an extraordinary read.

On a mid-winter day at a local delicatessen in Chicago, a bomb is suddenly detonated, destroying the establishment and taking the lives of 13 innocent people. It quickly becomes apparent that the explosion was a planned mission of terror. Alon Levy is a combat-hardened Israeli Mossad commander and a recognized authority on international terrorism. He comes to Chicago to care for his son, who lost his arm in the explosion.

He is approached by the FBI to assist as a consultant on the case. The message from the FBI to Alon Levy made it very clear. He is to remain in a consultant role only and not become an active participant in the investigation process. Alon quickly takes on a more active role and does not seem overly concerned about operating outside of the existing authorities. He soon uncovers facts that make this case more involved than previously thought. The reader follows the twists and turns of the story in order to find out what really happened that day.

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